Alexandre Saunier lives and works in Montreal and Paris.

Alexandre is an artist. His work associates both computer and physical systems in order challenge our perception, question digital machines, and find a sensible link with abstract processes.
With knowledge in varying fields of sound engineering and interactive systems, his work is encompassed by a common practice of physical computing.

Alexandre is currently a PhD student at Concordia University, Montreal. His project focuses on live light performance. In developing and experimenting with light instruments he explores the bidirectional relation between humans and machines. Questioning the way technology reshapes us as we create it is central to Alexandre’s work.
He previously graduated as a sound engineer from the ENS Louis Lumière and joined the EnsadLab in the laboratories EMeRI in 2012, and Reflective Interaction in 2013.

His artistic work has been exhibited in several french festival such as Exit’s Mac+ (Créteil) or Eniarof 13′ (Aix-en-Provence). He also conduces workshops in numerous contexts, including the Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction ’14 in Munich or Quebec’s L’Oeil de Poisson.