December 2014
Interactive public installation with smartphones
Project website

An Orange/EnsadLab project under the direction of Samuel Bianchini
in collaboration with Dominique Cunin (EnsadLab), Catherine Ramus (Orange Labs/Sense), and Marc Brice (Orange Labs/Openserv), in the framework of a research partnership with Orange Labs

“Orange/EnsadLab” partnership directors: Armelle Pasco, Director of Cultural and Institutional Partnerships, Orange and Emmanuel Mahé, Head of Research, EnsAD

Project Manager (Orange): Abla Benmiloud-Faucher
IT Development (EnsadLab): Dominique Cunin, Oussama Mubarak, Jonathan Tanant, and Sylvie Tissot
Mobile network data supply: Orange Fluxvision
Mobile network data processing: Cezary Ziemlicki and Zbigniew Smoreda (Orange)
SMS Server Development: Orange Applications for Business
Graphic Design: Alexandre Dechosal (EnsadLab)
In situ installation (artistic and engineering collaboration): Alexandre Saunier (EnsadLab)
Lighting and construction of the installation structure: Sky Light
Wireless network deployment coordination: Christophe Such (Orange)
Communication: Nadine Castellani, Karine Duckit, Claudia Mangel (Orange), Nathalie Battais-Foucher (EnsAD)
Mediation: Nadjah Djadli (Orange)
Project previsualization: Christophe Pornay
Assistant: Élodie Tincq
Message moderators: Élodie Tincq, Marion Flament, Charlotte Gautier

Production: Orange
Executive Production: EnsadLab

Research and development for this work was carried out in connection with the research project Cosima (“Collaborative Situated Media”), with the support of the French National Research Agency (ANR), and participates in the development of Mobilizing.js, a programming environment for mobile screens developed by EnsadLab for artists and designers: